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Casares forms an important part in the catalogue of white villages of Málaga, set on the mountain, in this case, over two hills and their corresponding depression.

The quaint Village of Casares commands stunning views across the Mediterranean to the Rock of Gibraltar and the Moroccan Coast. I t has the honour of having been the birthplace of Blas Infante, labour lawyer, politician, and writer, who is considered to be the largest historic figure in Andalucia

Its urban form of Arabic origin is an important attraction for the tourism which saturates the neighbouring Costa del Sol. One can have an idea of the beauty of this village as it was declared to be an Historical-Artistical Complex in 1978.


Sightseeing should include the old Roman spa from the Hedionda, the Ferrete caves once inhabited by Palaeolithic man, the birthplace of the lawyer Blas Infante and the ruins of an Arab fort.

The handicraft of Casares is based on esparto grass objects, weaving, lacework, jewellry, ceramics, glass and woodwork for making artistic doors.

Among the most representative dishes is the rabbit cooked in various ways. In the winter they have soup made with bread and oil, porridge, potato stew and kid blackpudding. In the summer, the people of Casares have their own form of 'gazpacho' cold soup and they have their own white wine obtained from their vines.

We recommend visiting the Quesería Sierra Crestellina, award-winning goats cheese factory. Address Carretera Manilva-Gaucín km. 13,5 and La Molienda Verde where visitors can buy home-made and 100% ecological tinned food. Address Paraje Era Cabezas s/n Benalauría.

In the first half of August, the fair takes place.The patron saint's day to the Virgen del Rosario is celebrated in the first week of September and in the middle of this same month is the so called Cristo fair. A pilgrimage in honour of the patron saint, spreads across the municipal district in the month of May. In this town they sing and dance a particular form of fandango called casareño.

You can visit places like Tarifa, Marbella, Sotogrande, Estepona, Puerto Banús, Benalmadena, Castellar de la Frontera, Jimena de la Frontera, Atajate, Benalauría, Gaucín, Ronda ... and many other cities and towns that are just an hour more or less by car.


For the Casareños their Festival is so important that they live it so intensively as to reach the complete happiness during 4 days

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