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If you take the main road, that goes from the Medical Practice until the Plaza de España, you will find different outstanding spots. After the parking area, on the right hand side there is a viewpoint-square with benches to fully enjoy the views.

During the route through this road, you will find on the left margin a number of mini-markets, a small spot covered in a brick façade, two benches and a small central fountain with two details of the town; the first one includes a portrait of the father of the Andalucian Motherland, Blas Infante; and the second a picture of Casares. On the same left margin you will be able to see the central town market and other decorative details of different spots of the town in the past, drawn in tiles.

On the right margin you will find one of the most representative spots of Casares, the house where Blas Infantes was born. The opening times of the museum of this house is from Monday to Friday from 11,00 to 14,30 and from 16,00 to 18,00 hours. Saturday mornings from 11,00 to 16,00 hours. It is closed on Sundays.

During Summer, the opening times are from Monday to Saturday, from 9,00 to 14,00. Closed on Sundays. The price is 2€ (except for children and retired people, who will pay 1€) and this ticket includes the visit for Museum of wine history.

Blas Infante HouseBlas Infante HouseChurch of the Incarnation

If you continue the route, you will get to the Plaza de España, where the fountain of Charles the 3rd serves as a roundabout for the circulation of vehicles. This is a typical spot to make a photo in Casares. On the southern face of this fountain, you will find a bust of Blas Infante. On the right hand side from this monument you will see:

-    The way up to the fortress-castle. This route also leads to the townhall and the wine museum.

-    The route of Almorávides and Almohades. The Andalusí Legacy (cultural itinerary by the counsel of Europe)

-    San Sebastian Church

If you follow the road that is at the entrance of the Church of San Sebastian, you will get to the remainings of the Castle, which is from the 11th Century. The castle preserves some of its towers, a well, and some of the entrances. The Chapel of Vera Cruz is attached to the castle, and through a square it also joins the ancient Church of the Encarnación, the old Cemetery of Casares y two viewpoints.

One of the most outstanding views is the one frome above the town, which is ideal for panoramic pictures, from where you can see the Plaza de España with the fountain of Charles the 3rd, the sports centre, the square and the Church of the Encarnación.

Behind the ancient Church of the Encarnación there are two viewpoints where you will be able to observe in the sky and their nests, the typical birds from Casares (vultures, eagles, kestrels, swallows and swifts among others).

Torre Casares CostaVISTAS_C_LEO_WEBSierra_de_Casares

From the viewpoints you can see the Mediterranean Sea, Utrera Sierra (and the Roman Baths with healing sulphurous water), Gibraltar Peak, the Windmills, The River Genal, Sierra de la Molina, Jimena de la Frontera, Lacipo Roman Ruins, Los Alcornocales Nature Park in Cadiz, Valley of the Genal and Sierra Crestellina.

If we return to Plaza de España, we can take now the Eastern Route, looking for the Plaza de la Iglesia de la Encarnación. We step by the Police Station and after a couple of minutes of singular narrow streets, with entrances to houses decorated with plants, you arrive to the Plaza. Once you have visited this square, the next spot to be seen is the sport area, from where you can take panoramic photos of Casares with a fantastic perspective of the town.

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