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Sierra Bermeja

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Sierra Bermeja is possibly one of the best valued attractions of the Costa del Sol, that most of its lovers try to maintain just as it is. Imagine a 1450 high red mountain next to a small fishing town.

The limestone and the red earth of the Sierra reflect the sun in a different way during the whole year. Different tonalities, colors , and differents ways to watch it. If you wake up early in a clear and cold winter morning, all the mountain will illuminate in a bright red almost orange color, and invites you to explore it.

Flora: The most outstanding of the flora is the presence of the Pinsapo forest. There is also a variety of other kinds of tree, such as pine trees, oaks, junipers, coscoja… There is also a variety of bushes, such as rosmary, european fan palm or saffron.

Fauna:  The most interesting faunistic species are the mount goat, the roe deer, the otter and the mount cat. A variety of predatory birds, such as native kinds of eagle, vulture, hawk and owl dwell in this spot. Among the amphibians we can find the salamander, the common toad and the most common reptile are the terrapin, the blind snake and the common eslizon.

On the other side of the mountain we find the white villages of Jubrique, Gaucin, Genalguacil and Cortes de la Frontera, also an important nature reserve where stone, vegetation and water combine to create the most amazing panorama.

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