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Sierra Crestellina

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Counts with the declaration as Nature Reserve since 1989. It is a natural spot of small dimensions, but of a very interesting orography. It has a row of mediums size mountains with impressive cuts, above which the native kind of  vulture, eagle and falcon prowl. Its rough topography is caused by its composition made of limestone. Alboran stream flows through its oriental border.


A very interesting vegetable diversity can be found, alternating mediterranean species, such as the retama and jara, with other native species, such as the palm plant. There can be also found vegetable species such as the african Rupicapnos. As you ascend, the bush loses density and cork oaks and carobs start appearing. On its limit with Sierra Bermeja you can find the Duke Mount (El Monte del Duque), where there are a variety of holm oak, carob and quejigo trees.

Vegetation is scarce on the mount area, but of a great richness  by the presence of a number of native species. Olm oaks and wild olives are the main native species of trees to be found, while the gorse, the albar howthorne, the white steppe, the asparagus and the black howthorne are the kinds of bushes to be found here. There is also a small forest of Pinsapos in the vicinity of Casares.


Among the mammals, the “meloncillo” is the most singular species. The species of birds are of special importance due to the existence of an important colony of vulture and the number of birds of prey to be found such as the partridge eagle, the common krestel, the pilgrim falcon, the alimoche, etc.

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